Why are we raising money?

With LESS THAN A WEEK to go and already two weeks into our pilot programme, we wanted to show you what you have been help fund so far and answer a few questions you might have. But first, let’s tell you what we have done so far:

Delivered 90 meals, 31 MAZI meal boxes with over 300 fresh vegetables, 31 sweet treats and used nearly 8kilos of cheddar!

In the video above, you can see what exactly goes into one of our MAZI boxes currently funded by our crowd funder.


Who do we work with?

16-25 year olds in supported accommodation. This mainly involves care leavers to young asylum seekers and youth recovering from homelessness. Many of the people we work with have struggled with instability and feeling excluded. We want to use food to change this and make the Bristol food scene more inclusive.


Why are The Mazi meal boxes different to other food boxes?

Our MAZI boxes are special because each of our boxes ONLY INCLUDE recipes and ingredients that have been selected BY the young people themselves for them to cook. Think Hello Fresh style but on a pay as you feel scheme (free for the pilot and free for whoever needs it to be).

Where is your money going?

Directly to filling each young person’s box with tasty goodness. From the locally sourced fresh vegetables to all the dry and wet ingredients, the sustainable packaging it all goes into and the little sweet treat that provides them that tasty comfort we all need sometimes.


How else is MAZI being funded?

At the moment, our MAZI meal boxes are solely funded by the crowd funder. We only recently became a CIC and although we have started applying for funding, it normally takes a couple months for them to come through. This is why your support is so appreciated! You are literally helping us get started and giving disadvantaged young people a choice in what they eat.


How else can you help?

Organise a fundraiser for us. Whether it’s a:

  • A MAZI bake sale
  • A virtual event
  • A sporting challenge
  • A workplace email/challenge/competition


Every little helps! Get in touch if you have an idea. We would love to work with you.

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