MAZI’s first delivery

The Mazi Project

When the idea becomes a reality. On Monday, we delivered our very first MAZI meal boxes to 15 local disadvantaged young people

It was less than 3 months ago that I launched MAZI following the Free School Meal scandal which sparked national outrage and highlighted the extent of the disconnect between politicians and those in need. Channeling my frustration, I set up a fundraiser to provide families eligible for free school meals with food vouchers. In only 5 days we managed to raise £1000 (our original target) and help ensure over 20 children had food on the table.

Exactly a month later, after refocusing to work with 16 – 25 year olds in supported accommodation, we had our pilot programme confirmed which would see MAZI provide 15 local young people living in supported accommodation with a weekly meal box.

Now, less than a month and a half later, we did it! We delivered our first meal boxes and what a day it was.

The Mazi Project

Starting with a visit to East Street Fruit Market we grabbed all of our vegetables, which included a whopping:

  • 47 tomatoes
  • 27 flat mushrooms
  • 34 limes
  • 3.5k of mushrooms and a lot more

We used little to no plastic bags and then headed off to The Pony North Street which was generously provided to us by renowned chef, Josh Eggelton to pack our boxes.

The Mazi Project
With the amazing help of our volunteers, we started by separating and preparing all the ingredients for each recipe and then slowly filling each box according to what each young person ordered! We had some fresh pasta donated by Bianchi’s Bristol and included an Easter Egg for this week’s sweet treat.
The Mazi Project

It was definitely a learning curve and a whole lot of running around for bits we had forgotten; however, I can safely say, each box was made with a whole of love.

This is really just the beginning and it certainly wouldn’t be happening without the amazing community spirit Bristol is so proud of. Bring on next Monday!!

As we are still at the very start, we are currently depending on all the money raised from our crowd funder which you can find here. If you can make any donation, big or small it is very much appreciated.

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