Fatima’s Story

Fatima's Story

My name is Fatima, and I am 22 years old.

I have been living in Bristol for the last decade. I would say I am an active individual who enjoys playing sports and is passionate in making a difference. That is why I chose a career within the healthcare sector. Any sport you can name I have most likely played.

I was introduced to The MAZI Project through 1625 Independent People whilst attending one of their kitchen skills sessions. However, I gained a better understanding of the project after attending one of the MAZI food making workshops which was outside of Bristol. After trying out different types of food, which was outside my normal food palette last year, I have been receiving a aMAZIng Meal-Kit every Tuesday ever since.

Before encountering The MAZI Project I felt confident in my cooking skills, it was nice to attend the skills kitchen at 1625 Independent People as we cooked/baked different foods and had an opportunity to meet other young people. I found this very beneficial after the pandemic. Whilst receiving the meal-kits I have cooked a variety of dishes from different cuisines by using a range of healthy ingredients and spices.

After the pandemic rent and food prices went up, it’s expensive to purchase food at stores and restaurants. There were times I had to prioritise my rent than invest money in ingredients.

Finding the balance was a struggle for me as at times I was working 12 hour shifts back-to-back to cover my bills. In addition, I would get home exhausted from being on my feet all day which results in me not having the energy to cook, skipping meals to get sleep. When it comes to food, I tend to eat a healthy balanced diet but nowadays it’s easier to buy fast food as it’s the cheaper option. It also meant I didn’t have to worry about cooking after a 12 hour shift when I can just order Uber eats.

However, the impact this period had a heavy impact on my mental health especially because eating fast food makes me anxious. Throughout Ramadan it was very hard. Even though we stayed away from food and water until sunset, we needed food to break our fast and eat a balanced diet to give us energy throughout the day.

This was important for me whilst working long hours.

Thanks to the MAZI project I was able to maintain my healthy eating habits because the recipes they provided me every week gave me lots of energy for Ramadan. Additionally, I have been cooking with my friend which allowed their cooking skills to improve.

I think this project is great as it has helped so many young people and contributed to prevent malnutrition and obesity and also promote good health by providing healthy recipes. Also the little treat they provide allows me to try different types of pastries which is great as I have a sweet tooth. The recipes are straightforward to make, and clear instructions are given to make delicious foods. I would encourage more people to get involved with The MAZI Project as it can help you cook; you will try new recipes and widen your food palate.

Thank you, Melanie and her team, for creating The MAZI Project. It is a great commitment.

Fatima's Story
Super noodles (allowed me to have all my 5 a day and try Tofu for the first time)
Fatima's Story
Veggie curry (it was so filling and tasty)
Fatima's Story
Pizza workshop with Pizzarova, made some amazing pizzas)
Fatima's Story
This was time were I first got involved with MAZI, also best bread I ever had

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