Our Ambassador: Charli Brix

Charli Brix

Introducing our amazing ambassador Charli Brix

Charli is an incredible vocalist and DJ that for a couple years now has been making waves in the music scene and empowering female artists whilst she does it. As a care leaver herself, Charli wants to use her platform to help improve the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Once I’d seen the disparity between a food parcel received by a low income family ‘benefiting’ from the scheme & a food shop conducted as a comparison by the project’s founder, Mel; there was absolutely no avoiding the glaring lack of care, variety & nutrition in the government’s offerings.

Growing up as a care-leaver, I have accessed a variety of emergency aid during my lifetime, from food banks to homeless shelters. Although their intentions are good, their management, funding & execution of services can sometimes, understandably, be lacking. I want to help to continue the conversation around not only the nutritional benefits of having access to varied, healthy, affordable food, but the mental health, community & cultural benefits also.

Charli Brix

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