Maisie Williams: Our new ambassador

Maisie Williams: Our new ambassador
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We are super excited to finally announce Maisie Williams as an official ambassador for The MAZI Project.

Here is a little bit about how it all happened from our founder, Melanie.

Back in November last year, Maisie came to one of our fundraisers to support her lovely friend, Rose who cooked up a delicious pudding for the evening. A few months later, Maisie got in touch with me and we both just clicked! There was such clear passion about the need to support marginalised young people and thinking food was a great tool to do this.

Maisie kindly endorsed the project and so the MAZI, Maisie, Melanie journey began! It’s been incredible already, hearing more about Maisie and her incredible story, understanding more about why she wants to be involved with the organisation and highlighting the importance of services like The MAZI Project for young people.

The reason I started The MAZI Project is because I wanted to share the power of food I have grown up with. Being raised in Greece, food has always been a key part of my culture and memories and I believe it is the easiest way to make someone feel special and loved.

One of the things that Maisie and I connected over is the power a good and fresh plate of food can have on your self worth and mental wellbeing!

Maisie Williams: Our new ambassador
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With many of our young people not only facing the common struggles and challenges of becoming an adult but having experienced the care system, fleeing war, homelessness, domestic violence, suffering from mental health issues, food insecurity and more – how can we expect them or worse, leave them to reach their potential without even being well nourished? Shouldn’t we be focusing our energy on making each of these young people feel extraordinary and that no matter their past, this a chance for them to do what they want in life?

This is what we want to do and we want to have people our aMAZIng young people can look up to for inspiration. After hearing Maisie’s story and the impact of being given the space to feel empowered and that she isn’t alone, it was obvious that this was personal and it truly mattered to Maisie.

I am in awe of Maisie and the things she has overcome and the perseverance, strength she has shown to achieve what she has already (and this is just the beginning for her I am sure). The biggest thing however, is her pure humbleness and willingness to help create a better world.

We have a lot planned! We are on a mission for EVERYONE to have access to fresh, sustainable and nutritious food. We want to empower those who need it and create long term change!

So, welcome to Maisie and for you reader, I would definitely sign up, follow us or better donate or volunteer cause we are going to change the world!!!!

Maisie Williams: Our new ambassador
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