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    Empowering marginalised 16 - 25 year olds
    through food

Mαζί means together in Greek and together, we want to create a city where EVERYONE has access to fresh and sustainable food

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The Problem

‘There are not enough services in the city to support people to develop food independence.’

A report commissioned by our partner charity, Caring in Bristol and in Hope

Facts and figures


16-26 is such a young, future-defining age, we believe we should be nurturing and empowering young victims of domestic abuse, asylum seekers, care leavers and youth recovering from homelessness


In Bristol alone, 1,318 under 25s are at risk of homelessness. 3x more than in 2019


Between 2020 & 2021 over 6,633 young people in Bristol suffered from severe to moderate food insecurity.

Our solution


Building skills and knowledge around food and cooking through our programmes


Feeding them great food with our aMAZIng Meal Kits


Connecting young people to Bristol’s independent food scene for employment opportunities

We focus on creating long term change

Increasing access to nutrious, sustainable and fresh food

Building confidence and food independence with recipes by our very own...chefs

Including them in Bristol's food scene through events and employment opportunities through our network of Bristol's restauranteurs

What we’ve
achieved so far…


meals delivered


boxes delivered

How you can help The MAZI Project

General public

Whether it’s organising a fundraiser, volunteering to help pack and deliver our boxes or just wanting to shout about us, we want to hear from you.


We are constantly looking to work with local businesses and restaurants to expand our network, organise fundraisers and raise awareness (and money…) to empower and nourish Bristol’s disadvantaged young people.

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